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Bookkeeping Services
for Small Business

At Raw, we make sure your small business bookkeeping system is fit for purpose, giving you the information you need when you need it.

As the saying goes, if you put Rubbish in you can expect Rubbish out. Get the basics wrong here, and everything can quickly unravel. Accounts can’t be relied upon, VAT returns become onerous, and more importantly you can’t have confidence in your business’s numbers. But accurate, timely bookkeeping provides a real time snapshot of your business and can unlock potential. That’s why all our small business accounting services include bookkeeping and VAT support as standard. Here’s what else they include.

Bookkeeping has changed radically over the last few years and thanks to the rise of online accounting software and receipt scanning solutions like Dext (ReceiptBank) or Hubdoc, gone are the days of long hours manually entering data. There is no longer any excuse for small business owners or limited companies to not keep books and records up to date

But why’s this important for small businesses especially? Because it gives you a timely, reliable view of your small business; it allows us to tailor our recommendations and advice based on your current performance; and it speeds up things like VAT returns and annual accounts preparation because we’ve already got all the information we need.

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A bookkeeping service designed for peace of mind

It’s so important to us as an accountancy firm that all our packages include bookkeeping support for our clients so that we can give you, the small business owner, the support you need in taking care of your financial responsibilities.

When we do the bookkeeping, we will use your preferred online accounting software alongside a receipt scanning solution to help with recording financial transactions. As a minimum we complete bookkeeping quarterly if you take our Standard package, or monthly on Premium or above.

We also periodically undertake a complete bookkeeping review of all your business finances, including business expenses, business transactions and tax returns. Consider it your business’s annual health check.

Why choose us for your small business bookkeeping services?

Our bookkeeping and VAT services for small businesses are made to take the hassle out of small business owners needing to manage their own bookkeeping when there’s so much else on their plate.

We’re qualified accountants offering a full management accounts service that can help with everything: from tax payments to financial reporting, to filing bank statements, overseeing management accounts, filing corporation tax returns and comprehensive income and expense tracking and even offering you advice on preparing for business growth.

Not convinced yet? Here’s why else you should choose us to firepower your small business bookkeeping and VAT.

The one thing that makes us unique is our dedication to tax efficiency. In fact, we’re so confident that we will save you money in tax season, that at the end of each year we provide all of our clients with a tax saving summary showing you exactly what we’ve saved you on your annual accounts.

We do this by reviewing tax rates and band changes each year, and ensuring your salaries and dividends are on the right side of them to save you from losing money in an avoidable tax bill.

We like surprises, but not the bad kind. That’s why we work on a fixed fee basis, and will tell you what the fee will be before we begin any work with your limited company.

And if you’re not completely satisfied with our service on any given month, we’ll provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. No hard feelings.

No leaving you in the dark when you need us. We pride ourselves on replying within 24 hours or less, and we’ll speak to you at least once a month anyway – just to check in. Plus we know that business isn’t always 9-5. So we can be available 8-8. Just tell us what works for you.

Small Business Accounting Bookkeeping FAQs

Bookkeeping is important for any business, but it is especially crucial for small businesses. This is because small businesses typically don’t have the same resources as larger businesses, so they need to be extra careful with their finances. By keeping accurate records of their income and expenses, small businesses can avoid discrepancies and make sure that they are making sound financial decisions.

The most important thing to do when bookkeeping for a small company is to keep accurate records. This means tracking all income and expenses, as well as any other financial transactions. There are many different bookkeeping services, software programmes and accounting methods that you can use to keep track of your finances, so it is important to find one that works best for you and your business.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different small business owners will use different bookkeeping methods, depending on their needs. However, one of the most common bookkeeping methods used by small business owners is double entry bookkeeping, as whilst slightly more complex it gives a complete picture compared to single-entry bookkeeping and is increasingly easy thanks to cloud software like Xero.

What our customers say about us

Peter LoverdosPeter Loverdos
07:44 17 Oct 23
I’ve been working with Luke and the team at RAW for nearly 2 years now and I’d highly recommend them to any SME business owner looking for an accountancy practice to proactively manage their bookkeeping, payroll and accounting functions. RAW seem to have a different approach that focuses on accuracy, high levels of communication and sage advice - what Luke doesn’t know about tax probably hasn’t been thought of yet! Not only are they highly professional, but they're great people too.
Rishi VermaRishi Verma
09:28 14 Oct 23
Superlative service. This is a seriously professional outfit. I accept that I am a demanding client. I work long hours so need an adviser who is going to take the stress away and put simply, get things done. Luke Fletcher is that man. Worth every penny.
Disk OnotDisk Onot
08:02 14 Oct 23
I've been using Raw Accounting's services for a couple of years now and have been very impressed with the level of engagement and understanding they have. Always available at short notice, very quick to respond and deal with any issue and probably most importantly know their subject matter extremely well. They have sorted out a few tax issues I have had without too much involvement from me, process was simple and the portal very easy to use.
Jane BJane B
17:53 13 Oct 23
What a great accountancy service! Helpful, quick replies and resolutions. Raw Accounting will give you peace of mind that all of your tax needs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.
Toby TowardToby Toward
17:35 04 Aug 23
Luke and the team at RAW have been excellent to work with.Since setting up a small biotech consultancy at the end 2022, they have been a source of great support in getting the accountacy basics correctly put in place. From establishing the initial paper work to help get the LTD off the ground, through to quarterly MTD VAT returns, personal / company tax filings, corporation tax and PAYE. Perhaps more importantly for me though, they have provided clear, strategic and pragmatic guidance to help tax-efficently shape the buisness for the near- medium-long term and in line with my future goals. They have been attentive, personable and at times patient with my questions - proposing alternative ways to solve a problem if they can. Ultimately, with their support, I can focus on the day-to-day business, knowing that the acounacy side of things is in good hands.
Ryan BirseRyan Birse
10:39 25 Aug 22
Raw Accounting have been amazing! I've been working closely with Luke and he has helped with the transition to being self-employed, and clarified how everything could work should the business grow in the future. He's taken the stress out of everything finance related when it comes to working for yourself—from TAX returns to assistance with registering for VAT, as well as countless other bits of advice along the way. Very responsive and understanding of the requirements linked to the industry that I work in. Luke was passed on as a recommendation and I would highly recommend him to others as well. Thanks Luke!
Luke is amazing! As a US-based startup, he provided expert guidance in navigating VAT and ultimately saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary filing costs. I highly recommend Luke and his team at RAW Accounting.
Matthew RuddyMatthew Ruddy
12:12 24 Jun 22
Raw Accounting are fantastic. I stumbled across Luke whilst looking to avoid the "one size fits all", impersonal accounting solutions that other practices provide. From the beginning Luke has proven to be professional, prompt and incredibly approachable. Getting setup for both corporate and income tax have been absolutely painless. The software they provide is far better than other solutions available, and costs are very respectable. I would not hesitate to recommend Raw Accounting to anyone. If you're an SME looking for a charter accountant, do yourself a favour and give them a call.
Greg DallamoreGreg Dallamore
11:40 03 Feb 22
I was recommended Luke by a friend when I had mentioned I was looking for an accountant to help me with a new business venture, and am very glad that I followed that recommendation. Luke has been a fantastic source of support and advice and has made the accounts side of our business very simple for us. We receive regular updates that are easy to understand and Luke has a broad understanding of modern day accountancy systems which has a been a real asset. I would not hesitate to recommend Luke and Raw Accounting to anyone looking for a new accountant, whether a new or established business. Thanks Luke!
Kapila MKapila M
19:05 02 Feb 22
Luke managed to setup a Limited Company and the accounting software within a week. He provided professional advice to setup the company and help me with the annual tax return swiftly.He is very approachable, professional and friendly.I highly recommend Raw Accounting...!
Carole MowattCarole Mowatt
13:48 01 Feb 22
Very professional and thorough. Accounts done promptly. Fees charged comparable to last accounting practice. A pleasure to communicate with. Luke Fletcher is very experienced and up to date and can advise on all aspects of your business.
Leon McCarronLeon McCarron
08:14 28 Jan 22
Really helpful, responsive and clear. Friendly and makes the process simple to work through.
Nicholas RossNicholas Ross
15:55 01 Nov 21
I have been super impressed with Luke and his team; so responsive to my endless requests and nothing is ever too much trouble. The quality of his advice is first class; I wish I had found him sooner
Daniel DaveyDaniel Davey
15:57 27 Oct 21
After recently making the leap from full-time employment to self-employment, I needed to clear up a plethora of queries. Luke was incredibly responsive and explained the start-up process via Microsoft Teams. The explanation was crystal clear and thorough. Would definitely recommend.
Adam KingAdam King
12:24 15 Oct 21
I came to Luke with a very tricky tax situation and in a bit of a panic. Right from the outset he made me feel reassured and confident we would get to the bottom of my problem. In the end he saved me a lot of money and did so in a very short time period. He is clearly highly skilled and had an answer for all my questions.Thank you!
Izza RexIzza Rex
13:46 18 May 21
Luke was amazing help for me. As a finance novice, Luke was so generous with his time and expertise. He is very knowledgeable and took the time to hear about and understand my business and then explain the relevant tax rules as well as discuss my finance plan going forward. I really appreciate his advice and will be going to him in the future!
Paula NicklinsonPaula Nicklinson
14:08 08 May 21
Constructive consultation. Multiple option advice discussed which would broaden the business opportunities without compromising the ability to stay focused and deliver the services to be provided. Additional information given in terms of specifically relevant websites and regional authorities to be followed up. Became confident that despite having only given the the company the briefest outline of the proposed business and the areas I required them to cover, they had carried out sound preparatory work prior to the consultation to maximise the effectiveness of the discussion. Would definitely recommend.
Hannah McMillanHannah McMillan
18:52 05 May 21
Luke completed my personal tax return. He was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout and everything was completed quickly. He was great at keeping us informed of what was going on and the options available to us. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him and Raw Accounting. A super friendly service!

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