We have a simple three-step pricing process…

15 minute discovery call

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Getting to know you

We have a quick 15 minute call to find out about you and your business. We ask a few discovery questions to ensure we’re best placed to support you. It’s also a chance for you to ask any initial questions you may have. 

One hour proposal meeting

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Agreeing pricing

Following a successful discovery call we invite you to a proposal meeting which will last one hour. During this time we talk you through our services and provide a quote in real time – allowing you to raise any pricing queries with us there and then. You can either give us the go-ahead on the call or take the proposal away with you to digest.

Engagement letter & onboarding

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Welcoming you to Raw

Once the pricing has been agreed we send you over our engagement letter for signing and officially welcome you to Raw! 

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A note on pricing

The quotes we provide are tailored to the unique specifications and requirements of each individual and business owner. We take into consideration a range of factors to provide an accurate quote, from services needed to the size of the business. 

This is why providing a generic breakdown of costings is a tricky business. 

That said, we appreciate people like to get a feel for pricing so we’ve provided indicative pricing examples below. Please note, these are examples only and will unlikely reflect your exact individual requirements. They are included for the sole purpose of giving you a ‘feel’ for our pricing and do not represent the bespoke figure you’ll be quoted.  

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The examples below are based on a small ltd company (annual turnover £30-70k) a medium Ltd company (annual turnover £250-£500k) and a large Ltd company (£2-£4million) all selecting the following services; Ltd company accounts, CT600, VAT, payroll, confirmation statement and director Self Assessments. 

*These examples do not take into consideration all the services we provide, nor do they reflect the unique requirements of you and your business. 

Small Ltd Company

  • Limited Company Accounts & CT600
  • VAT
  • Payroll (x1 employee)
  • Confirmation Statement
  • x1 Director Self Assessment

Monthly cost: £185 (excl. VAT)

Medium Ltd Company

  • Limited Company Accounts & CT600
  • VAT
  • Payroll (x5 employees)
  • Confirmation Statement
  • x2 Director Self Assessments

Monthly cost: £325 (excl. VAT)

Large Ltd Company

  • Limited Company Accounts & CT600
  • VAT
  • Payroll (x10 employees) 
  • Confirmation Statement
  • x2 Director Self Assessments

Monthly cost: £640 (excl. VAT)

Individual self employed tax return

Self Assessment tax returns for Directors/high-earners and landlord start at £200 annually (excl. VAT)

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